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That Voiceover Girl

Hello.  You've found That Voiceover Girl.

My name is Geri Murray and I've been making my living with my voice for 20-odd years.  Some of them were very odd years, but that's a story for another time.  Coincidentally enough, you can find out more about me by going to the About Geri page. 

But let's talk about you, now.

Do you have a project that needs just the right voice to connect with your audience and deliver your message?

Do you need a pro-quality voice to deliver on time, within your budget and with a minimum amount of hassle?

Do you want to work witih someone who is easy to get along with and has some moderately amusing moments?

I'm That Voiceover Girl, and that (as the kids say) is how I roll.  Check out my Demos page to have a listen.  If you'd like a custom demo, a quote on a project or you want to hire me, go to my Contact Geri page for ways to start a dialog.

I look forward to hearing about your project.


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