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That Voiceover Girl

I do voiceovers.   I also do some audio production and copy writing...well, more like "copy polish up and editing" rather than "writing."  But mostly, I do voiceovers. Specificially:

Radio commericals -- from a no-frills read to fully produced commercial . I own a royalty free production music library and can provide you with a fully produced, ready-to-air radio spot.

TV commercials -- voiceover only, no on-camera

Radio imaging -- sweeps, promos, bumpers - dry voice, ready for your production staff to assemble....but I'm not a jingle singer

Voice-on-hold/IVR/Phone systems -- "Your call is very important to us...." with or without music from my royalty free production music library.

Narration -- longer-form voiceovers for corporate presentations, education, entertainment

Basically, any project you're working on that needs a non-character, professional-sounding voice would be something I could help you with.

I can record what you need at my home studio and send it via email, regular mail or you can download it off my website.

If you're in the Columbus, OH area, I can travel to the recording facility of your choice, if you'd prefer.


Now here's where things get tricky.  It's a little difficult to quote a price when I don't know the specifics of your project.  You're gonna have to give me some details -- What are you working on?  How fast would you need the voice work? What file format would you need?  How much copy is there? Are you going to want your copy fully produced (say, with a music bed or sound effects) or will I just be sending you ready-to-use voice tracks?  Would you want multiple reads?

So tell me what you're looking for and what you expect.  If you have a budget in mind, tell me that, too.  I'm fairly easy to work with.

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