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That Voiceover Girl
About Geri


Hi.  I'm Geri, and I'm a recovering radio DJ.

It all started when I was about 15.  That was the first time I heard a female DJ on the radio.  I knew right then THAT was what I wanted to do. 

My first day at the University of Toledo, I went to the campus radio station...then I went to my first class.  This would set a pattern for the next few years.  I hung around at the campus radio station until I got a paying radio gig.  I hung around the University of Toledo until they decided I'd forked over enough dough to buy earn a degree.

Then I hung around the same cluster of radio stations in Toledo, OH for the next 20 years.  Ownership changed a lot over that time.  In more-or-less chronological order I worked for: Commonwealth, Noble, Jacor & Clear Channel without ever leaving the building.  After that, I picked up and moved and went to work at Saga Communications in Columbus, OH.

During 25 years in radio I did the following jobs: Board Op, Production, DJ, Copywriting, Assistant Program Director, Promotions Director, Webmaster, Program Director and Out-Of-Market Voicetrack talent.  Sometimes all at the same time.  It's a darn good thing I have a two-minute attention span and....oooh! Shiny penny!

But I digress. 

After that long in radio, it's about time I got into rehab....er, did something else.  I've done freelance voiceover work on the side all through the radio gigs, so expanding that is the next logical step.

That Voiceover Girl's Staff


"Hoomin will sleep nao! Sleep, hoomin, sleep....purrrrrrr" - Freddie


"I like string.....what?" - Tyson


"Dis mah hoomin. Mah hoomin talk gud. I 'secutive purr-ducer kitteh, so I no lissen to her. U lissen. Mah hoomin talk 4 u, i gets catnip. I lubs mah 'nip. Have mah hoomin talk 4 u. Kitteh needs 'nip." - Smudge


Or quite possibly, too much information.

I used a couple of different on-air names over the years.  In Toledo I was Beth Michaels.  In Columbus I was Kelly Mitchell.  After that many name changes, I will respond to just about anything.

I live in Columbus, OH with my husband and two spoiled cats.   My husband is not in radio or a related field.  It was one of my criteria for agreeing to marry him.

When I'm not dinking around in my home studio, you can find me being one of my alter-egos in World of Warcraft.  After I get done with Radio Rehab, I imagine WoW Rehab will be next. Srsly.


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